Operational Tools

We create tools that improve your processes and make you more money.

Improve your bottom line

Are your expenses overtaking your income? Are your employees wasting time on repetitive or unnecessary tasks? Every tool we develop is aimed at increasing your profits.

What tools do you need?

GRW Consulting specializes in the development of the following process improvement tools. If you are in need of something specific that is not listed here, we are happy to look into it. If we can’t build it for you, we’ll find someone who can.

Functional Website Design:

  • Efficient front-end design
  • Online employment applications
  • e-Forms to PDF
  • Online ordering/shopping carts
  • Affiliate programs
  • Appointment booking and event management
  • Client and subcontractor portals
  • Create and keep track of e-invoices and RFP’s
  • Employee training portals
  • Employee updates with acknowledgements
  • Fully functional back-end databases

Training Tools:

  • Technical writing, editing, and publishing
  • Training manuals
  • Training workbooks
  • Training videos and tutorials
  • Online training portals
  • Quizzes, tests and certifications
  • Talent management
  • and other training materials

Complicated Excel Spreadsheets & Workbooks:

  • Inventory workbooks to calculate COGS
  • Scheduling workbooks that calculate labor projections
  • Profit and Loss (P&L) workbooks
  • Accounting workbooks
  • Sales forecasting workbooks
  • Electronic forms
  • Complex/searchable databases
  • Password protected
  • Macros for automating changes

Computer Automation:

  • Link software so they communicate with each other
  • Shared networking
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Remove manual labor on tasks
  • Auto fill/populate electronic forms
  • Auto reply to emails and social media
  • Auto post blogs on your website
  • Auto share articles on your social media
  • Automatically back up information
  • Create databases from emails and other sources

How a Website by GRW Helped a Client

We developed a website for a construction company that not only answers questions for potential clients, but also included a training portal for the employees, an extensive online employment application to assist HR in new hire management, a subcontractor portal to help manage accounts, and a client portal that gives clients an access point to invoices and other account details. This has streamlined their processes to make several different departments more efficient so they can get more done with the people they already have in place.

How We've Improved Efficiency with Training Tools

We designed operational training manuals for a client that was wanting to expand their business into a second location. The manuals included detailed step-by-step procedures for each position, which helped maintain consistency across both of their locations, and provided a go-to resource when employees had questions. This also helped free up the owner from having to constantly direct his staff on how to do things.

How We Used Excel to Improve Proficiency

We built a password-protected Excel Workbook for a restaurant client that generates daily line-ups based on a weekly schedule. The daily line-ups provide their managers with an action plan prior to their shifts, maximizing their ability to be effective supervisors.

How We Reduced a Task by 90% with Automation

We programmed and installed a private electronic form on our website for estimates and contracts. While in a meeting, we can get on our phone, ask a potential client a few questions, hit submit, and the website will automatically generate a detailed estimate and an entire contract in PDF form, and email it directly to both of us ready to sign. A process that once took us over 2 hours, now takes us 5-10 minutes.

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