About Us

“Helping create a consistent rhythm for the heartbeat of your company”

Improving your bottom line through strategy, development, & training

GRW Consulting, LLC is a consulting firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, servicing small- to medium-sized companies. Our main focus is working with locally-owned entities in support of economic development.

We focus on how businesses operate, exposing their nuts and bolts to determine whether their processes are effective and efficient. How much labor is wasted on repetitive tasks? What does that equate to in dollar signs? Does it take too long to get from point A to point B? Are there training manuals to help minimize inconsistencies, improper procedures, and high turnover?

We can analyze these processes, determine how much money they can save, build the tools that they need (e.g. training manuals, automation software, complicated Excel spreadsheets, websites, etc.), and then train the staff how to use those tools. The end result is always saving the company money.

Businesses come to us because they know we offer the knowledge, insight and skills they need to move forward with confidence. Our consultants deliver high-class and meticulous analysis, deep knowledge of their industries, and efficient solutions to produce practical, high-impact results – quickly.

NAICS Codes: 541611, 611430, 541511
DUNS #: 080400517

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Our Fields of Expertise

   Research Analysis

We believe in getting the facts straight! Whether it’s investigating simple statistics or wading through massive documents, we’ll do whatever it takes to find the documentation that supports what we say and do. We’ll even go so far as to learn entire codes (such as fire codes, food codes, and ADA standards) if we feel it can make us more efficient in the process. We have our own analyst specifically dedicated to research, with decades of experience in her field.

   Information Technology (IT)

We have consultants that build websites, install automation software, and create technical manuals. We have another consultant that fixes computers, builds secure servers, and provides networking solutions. Most of the operational tools that we modify or develop come from our very own experts with decades of experience. And if we can’t do it, we will partner with someone who can.

   Process Development

If there’s a faster, more effective way of doing things, we will find it. We also believe that process development means ensuring that you’re doing things lawfully and safely, and that the processes are comfortable and motivating. Our founding experts have been involved in the development of concepts from laying bricks to franchising.

   Multi-Level Management

We can’t expect to teach what we don’t know ourselves. Our experts have a solid background in various types and levels of business management, from customer service/floor management to heading executive departments. More specifically, our management consultants have spent most of their careers in turnaround management, hired or promoted to turn profits.

   Training & Development

We believe that in order to be an effective manager, you must make training a constant priority. Effective training will reduce costly turnover, increase employee morale, and provide consistency in production. We are accomplished in creating successful training programs and tools that not only prepare your new hires for a job well done, but also continue their education on an ever-increasing growth plan.