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GRW now provides food safety consultations and ServSafe® certification proctoring. We are trained on New Mexico's local food safety regulations, the FDA's 2013 Food Code, and ServSafe®'s Food Handler and Manager programs, along with the SQF Code Ed. 7.1., 2010 ADA Standards, Albuquerque's 2012 Fire Code, the 2015 International Fire Code (IFC), and OSHA's Construction Industry standards to better assist restaurants in more than one area of safety. Needless to say, we apply a combined knowledge and expertise of the highest standards during our food safety inspections.


Comprehensive Company Analysis

   Undercover Employment Investigations

Hire an efficiency expert as an undercover employee to get the real scoop

   Efficiency Examinations

Take a detailed look at your P&L’s, inventory, staffing, and other opportunities

   Anonymous Consumer Analysis

We provide analysis as customers using hidden cameras with audio capabilities


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Technical Writing

   Gain Consistency with Training Manuals

Professionally designed and published into paperback books and eBooks

   From Start to Finish, We do it all

We do the research, tech writing, editing, photography, publishing, and distribution

   Maintain company culture

In everything we do, we have a strong focus on the culture of your company


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Training & Development

   Turn Managers into Leaders

GRW‘s efficiency experts have senior-level management experience

   You’re only as good as your representatives

We have the expertise your service reps need to put your company on a pedestal

   Fully customized training programs

We develop training programs for dozens of industries, and even have NSO experts


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System Automation

   Take repetitive tasks out of your labor costs

If it can be done on a computer, automation software can do it for you

   Automate all of your devices

From computers to smartphones and tablets, you’ll save time and money

   We will install and set up for you

No need to worry about learning how to program software; we’re here for you


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Website Design & Modification

   Websites by Efficiency Experts

Don’t limit your website to marketing capabilities; we add functionality for efficiency

   Employee & Client Portals

Secure online portals increase moral, minimize inconsistencies and help you stay organized

   Reduce your monthly costs

Take current monthly services and build them into your site to eliminate fees


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GRW Consulting, LLC is a business efficiency consulting firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, servicing small to medium-sized companies.  We don’t consider ourselves advisors; we consider ourselves the solution.  While we do counsel our clients on their key strategic issues, our primary focus is on developing the tools and resources that solve their toughest and most critical productivity problems.  In other words, we don’t just tell you how to fix things–we fix them for you.

Our consultants deliver high-class and meticulous analysis, deep knowledge of their industries, and efficient solutions to produce practical, high-impact results – quickly.  Our combined industry experience consists of research analysis, entry-level to senior-level business management, training and franchise development, intellectual property, human resources, retail, customer service, hospitality, food and beverage, manufacturing, construction, information technology, web development, handwriting analysis, and private investigation.

GRW provides targeted services that include — but are not limited to — business and industry analysis, inspections,  undercover investigations, training program development, new store opening consultations, training manuals, automation software, and website functionality.

What else can we do?

Temporary Management Replacement

We offer temporary management solutions for businesses that lose their managers and don’t have a sudden replacement. Additional efficiency tools and services are provided during the replacement period based on your immediate needs.

Restaurant Inspection Preparation

We provide full restaurant health inspections based on the highest standards across the country on a monthly or quarterly basis to help keep your staff on their toes for city or state inspections.

Point-Of-Sale (POS) Programming

From ancient CRS-3000’s to modern systems like Aloha, we can program your systems for more efficiency.

New Store Opening (NSO) Consultation

Save money on build-outs, get help with planning, and develop an opening crew training program.

Talent Management Tools & Services

Take care of your people so your people can take care of your guests. It starts with good talent management.

Commercial Video & Photography Services

We specialize in business services from product photography to franchise video production.

Our Specialties

  • Information Technology

  • Technical Writing

  • Website Design

  • Research Analysis

  • Intellectual Property


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