Improve Your Bottom Line

Through Strategy, Development, & Training


What We Do

We analyze your processes, develop the tools you need (i.e. training materials, computer automation, websites, etc), and train your staff how to use them.

Unique Methods of Analysis

Are you finding it difficult to figure out what is causing your decrease in profits? Are you getting complaints about a manager that you’re afraid of losing? Are you and your team unfamiliar with industry regulations? Have you been audited and penalized in non-specific areas?

We will use whatever method is necessary to get to the root of your problems, whether it’s conducting a detailed walk-through and review of your profit and loss statements or visiting your establishment with hidden cameras. Whatever the issues are, we will give you direction and help you improve your processes. The end result is always to find ways to save you money and increase your bottom line.

Training Materials

If you are suffering from communication problems, a lack of consistency, or high training costs, we can help. Not only can we work with you on creating a good training program, but we also specialize in the development of training manuals, workbooks, employee handbooks, complicated Excel spreadsheets, online training portals, and testing platforms. Our training tools will minimize training costs and help get you the results you expect.

Computer Automation

Are you spending too much time writing emails and having lengthy meetings that feel repetitive? Are your administrative assistants wasting valuable time and money typing in the same information over and over again? Are your managers stuck in the office and not allowed to focus on your employees and customers? Is your HR department having to transfer printed or handwritten documents to your computer system? Do you have software that doesn’t communicate with other software? Does your office have too many scheduled appointments that clients don’t show up for?

We can drastically improve productivity and increase profits through the development and implementation of automation software.

Web Design & Modification

Are potential clients able to find you on the internet? Is your website easy to navigate? Can your customers work directly with you through your website? Are your employees benefiting from your website? We build and modify websites to provide functionality that improves your bottom line.

Training & Development

Having training material is one thing, but does your staff actually use them? Can your employees correctly answer questions to what is written in your employee handbook? Do your employees ever get in front of customers without being able to assist them accordingly? Do you ever have new hires that are unmotivated? Do you have updates that “nobody hears about?” Are you looking to open additional locations without an existing training plan?

So many things can go wrong without proper training. Larger companies adopt entire training departments because they understand the constant need for developing new strategies and implementing them into multiple training programs. Smaller companies often can’t afford an entire department, or even a full time training coordinator, which is why they look to GRW as a supplemental as-needed solution. Let us take on your training needs so you can save money between updates.


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